Pradeep- Biohacking Yogi


I am a yoga professional from India. My guru is Vethanthri Maharishi.

Indiai kundalíini jóga, beavatásokkal, mély meditációkkal, kezdők is jöhetnek

Kedd: 18h-19h, csüt. 18h-19h 1 alkalom 2000Ft

My guru is Vethanthri Maharishi who was a yogi who brought out the deep secrets of our ancient cultures.The secrets are open now to ensure human kind to be concious enough and to increase their physical ability as well as their mental stability.As a yoga instructor, I strive to help beginner yogis feel comfortable in their practice, learn essential postures, and ensure a safe practice for everyone.I have combined ancient knowledge with a scientific approach,have worked on electrophysiology of human brain and epigenetics.I teach 9 different meditation techniques along with simplified physical exercises to enhance your physical,Astral and causal body.With these practices you can achieve anti-ageing,increased immunity and inner peace(ever-lasting).The following classes will be taken by me:

*Foundation class- connects mind and body.

*Brahmanyanam class- increases conciousness.

*Kayakalpam class- Anti-ageing, increase immunity.

*Introspection class - Results in a Clear state of mind

*Pranayamam class - Controls and regulates breathing.

*Simplified kundalini yoga class - awakening your soul.